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Other books by Jennifer Priester.

Welcome to the page which will feature all of my books that aren't a part of a series! Books may appear here as early as the Second Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion or as late as the Final Mortal Realm Witch book release.

While the books won't actually appear here for a while, here is an idea of what I am working on!

Short Story Collections:

Heroes United. This is a collection of superhero stories, most of which are about animals. Some of these characters appear in: Tales of Young Asantra: The Second Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion.

A collection of animal adventure stories.

A collection of cat and horse stories.

A collection of dog stories.

A collection of random animal stories. This includes animals such as a ferret, a kangaroo, an ostrich, a hybrid animal, and more.

A collection of magical and supernatural stories. This may also include some sci-fi.

A collection of Christmas stories.


More books that contain short but connecting short stories:

The Dogs That Saved the World

Back to the Wild

The Young Animal Psychics. Although this book was written earlier and these characters are older when they appear in Mortal Realm Witch: Realms Unite?, this book won't be published until later on.

"Good Luck" Animal Shelter


Nonfiction Books:

Animals in the Shelters. This one is going to be about animal cruelty and animal rescue. The aim of this book is to help shelter animals get adopted and when this book is published, some of the profits will be going to help animal rescue.

My Pets and Their Lives

Just Dreaming: The Dreams I Had and The Stories They Became. Although a lot of it is about the dreams I had that created some of my stories, besides discovering which pieces of stories came from dreams I am putting in this book other dreams I had with the original dream first, then the story I wrote after. The full stories will be in it because these stories will not be available to read anywhere else.


Comic Books/Graphic Novels:

Spider and Jackal. The sometimes true, sometimes based off real events, sometimes completely fictional, but always wacky, adventures of my dogs.


Series Books:

Animal World

Animal World Super Editions

Animal World: Endangered

To learn more about some of these books visit these places on the website: