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Books: Animal World

Welcome to the Animal World series!

Animal World is a couple of book series I am working on that are fictional stories featuring true facts about animals. The aim of this series is to educate readers about animals and their lives in a fun and entertaining way. In total the Animal World series will feature over 250 animals in 41 books. The series will be split into three parts: Animal World, Animal World Super Editions, and a split off series: Animal World: Endangered.


The first Animal World series will have 22 regular books, and 5 super editions.


The split off series: Animal World: Endangered, will have 14 books and will focus exclusively on endangered species.


At the end of each book will also be a nonfiction section featuring some facts about each of the animals in the book as well as a nonfiction introduction in the beginning to introduce the biome, or common thing each animal has in the book. For example, the one book in the Animal World series will be about animals that live in the Alpine, so in the beginning, a nonfiction intro to the Alpine environments with information such as the locations they are found in and the animals that live in them, will be presented before the stories that are in the book. Then in the ending nonfiction section I will go into more detail about the animals in the stories which will feature both facts I used in the story, as well as some other facts that I find interesting about the animals.


I am still working on, and have not decided whether each story in the book will be part of a larger one, such as books 1, 2, 4, and C2, in the Mortal Realm Witch series, or if they will all be individual such as C1, and C5 in the Mortal Realm Witch series.


Because this series requires much research and I want the books to be the best they can be for quality and entertainment value, no books are expected to be released until 2014 or later, but keep checking back as anything can happen!