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Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic

This is Book One in the Mortal Realm Witch series. Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic contains six seperate, but connecting, stories, each featuring a different aspect of Learning About Magic. In Learning About Magic you will meet DWW who is just learning she is a witch and that her dog can talk and he is going to teach her how to use magic but it won't be easy.

Throughout Book One, not only will you learn about DWW, who will tell you her origin story about becoming a witch and learning about her new powers and responsibilities and more, but you will get to read stories about DWW from the point of view of her familiar, Trillman, and the Head of the Witches Council, Trom.
In this book DWW will also become a magic teacher to two magical wolf pups, as well as try to stop a warlock from taking over the Realms. You will also meet Air Raid, a dragon, and his new friend and witch, Ally. Ally wants Air Raid to be her familiar, but Trom says dragons don't make good famliars. Together Ally and Air Raid will try to prove him wrong.
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Mortal Realm Witch: The Magic Continues
 Book Two, Mortal Realm Witch: The Magic Continues contains six separate, but connecting, stories, each featuring a different aspect of The Magic Continues. In The Magic Continues, DWW will return to tell several untold stories from the days when she was still learning about magic as well as some stories about her new life, and what will she do when the number of witch hunters in the Mortal Realm greatly increases?
You will also meet Turtle, a young witch living in the Mortal Realm who will help continue the stories from Book One, and teach you more about magic. Besides witchcraft you will learn about the other types of magic, and who uses them after Turtle meets a wizard, but before this Turtle will choose a familiar of her own who may just be the worst familiar in the Realms. Later, what will Turtle do when she and her new friend discover they are being hunted by witch hunters?
Also in this book, DWW will reunite with an old friend, an unwanted dog will do whatever it takes to find the right human friend to live with, and a warlock will take his cat familiar, Alaska, to school with him, but when he loses Alaska, how will he get her back? The warlock has also challenged you to discover his name, what he looks like, and where he lives. Will you be able to figure it all out?
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The Battle of Ebulon (Entry Point 12)
 (Full anthology available now, and Entry Point 12 coming soon to this website!)
Ebulon, the last human city, is under attack by the largest confederation or orcs ever assembled. Against this monstrous force, there's little hope of surviving--save that their king has a most unique ability. Knowing that his brave troops cannot protect his city on their own, he calls for aid across all worlds, desperately hoping that his pleas for help don't fall on deaf ears.
Answering the call, heroes from other worlds rally to offer their aid. But even with their help, victory is far from assured as the drums of war haunt the air. The battle is about to begin.
15 authors bring characters from their collective worlds together in this epic crossover anthology, creating incredible stories of heroism, selflessness and bravery.
The Battle of Ebulon is free to download from Smashwords, but because readers must be over 17 years of age to dowload the book, to make my story, Entry Point 12, available to my younger readers I have made my part available here on the Mortal Realm Witch website. If you are over 17 years of age and would like to read the full anthology you can do so by going here:
In Entry Point 12 you will join some of the Mortal Realm Witch characters such as DWW and Asantra as well as characters such as the superheroes of Black Cat, Chihuahua, The Star Power Puppy, Wonder Wolf, Wonder Horse, and more from one of my future books, Heroes United, some of which previously appear with Asantra in Tales of Young Asantra, in their journey to Ebulon and the battle to stop the orcs!
While Entry Point 12 actually comes after the fifth book in the Mortal Realm Witch series and Heroes United it contains minimal spoilers so you can read it at any time.

Tales of Familiars:

The First Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion

 You know that familiars are talking animals that teach witches and warlocks about magic and how to use their magical powers, and that sometimes they themselves were once witches and warlocks. Did you ever wonder why this is? In this book you will discover the answers as you learn the history of the familiar. You will also get to enjoy some adventures of different familiars as they attempt to teach their witches and warlocks about magic and life. You will also join some familiars on their adventures to prove to DWW that they are ready to once again become witches and warlocks.


    Tales of Familiars features many different stories that are split up into two parts and contains one connecting story. This book fits best between Mortal Realm Witch: The Magic Continues and Mortal Realm Witch: Realms Unite?




Mortal Realm Witch: Realms Unite?

    For a long time mortals have viewed witches as their enemies, but now DWW has a plan to change this. The plan involves uniting the Other Realm and the Mortal Realm. Now with the biggest problem standing in the way of her plans has been taken care of, DWW is ready to put her plan into action. To help with this plan many familiar characters such as Ally, Air Raid, The Warlock from Book Two, Alaska, Turtle, Max, Sam, Star, Taron, and more will return. Each will play an important role in DWW's plans to unite the two Realms. Along the way DWW will also discover some new suprising facts about herself and Trom as well as reveal Trom's biggest secret. And she will also form a new friendship with an old enemy.


    This Third Book in the Mortal Realm Witch series features one full length novel and will set into place events that will lead up to the final two and most action packed books in the main series!




Trillman's Tales (Coming Soon!)
Trillman's Tales is a two adventure eBook exclusive starring Trillman, the talking Golden Retriever who is DWW's familiar. This book is best read after Book Two of the series, Mortal Realm Witch: The Magic Continues.
While it was hinted at in Book One, Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic, up until this point in time, the story of how Trillman became DWW's familiar has remained untold. In the first story of Trillman's Tales you will discover which rule Trillman broke and the events leading up until he got assigned to DWW.
Then if you have read Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic, you will know that there is a time when Trillman is not DWW's familiar. In the second book, some answers about this time are revealed such as what DWW believes caused the separation between herself and her familiar and some details about what happened to Trillman during this time, but after reading it you may find you have more questions than before. In this story all the details are given. You will discover exactly what caused Trillman to leave, and what he did and the adventures he had during the time he spent away from his witch.   
For a limited time you can read the full first half of this book here:
Allura's First Magical Discovery (Coming Soon!)
Contrary to what you might believe, the discovery that she was a witch was not the first magical discovery that DWW ever made. In this free to read story you will journey backwards to the days when DWW was still a mortal and discover what magical secret she learned.

Mortal Realm Witch: The Adventures of DWW2

(Currently being edited)


    Asantra is a young witch living in the Mortal Realm, whose mom is DWW. Like DWW, Asantra has the ability to become a wolf without magic and is the protector witch of a wolf pack. She takes her duties to the wolves seriously, but aside from this she isn't very responsible and is also very independent, stubborn, and sometimes lazy, which often leads her into much trouble and adventure.


    In this Fourth Book, in the Mortal Realm Witch series you will join Asantra as she goes to school with mortals in the daytime...usually, spends time with her wolf pack,The Fire Pack, in the evening, then go home to her familiar, a Double X Bird given the ability to change into a human by DWW, who is posing as her dad, at night. Although it may not sound like it Asantra's life is full of adventure and excitement.


    This book contains several short, but directly connected, stories as each begins right where the last left off. Throughout them Asantra will borrow an alien spaceship leading to a high speed chase through space, discover one of the Other Realms best kept secrets leading to the arrival of highly dangerous creatures being let loose in the Mortal Realm that she will have to capture somehow. Also discovered in the Mortal Realm is a man-made creature known as a Magic Eater, which even if Asantra can figure out how to catch it, will she be able to solve the mystery of who created it and why? And because Asantra doesn't like mortals she is offered the chance to take over the Mortal Realm, which she just might accept. Will Asantra be the next series villain?


    Along the way other characters from the series will reappear including; DWW, Turtle, Trillman, Max, and more. And you will get to meet some new characters such as; the members of The Fire Pack, her unusual familiar, Screetche, a sorceress called Jill, and a wizard called Sky, along with an alien, many creatures from the Other Realm, and more.








Ally & DWW (or DWW & Ally) (Coming Soon!)
After reading Ally's story in Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic it is clear that Ally and DWW have met before, but how and where? Before Dragon Familiar there is no mention of the witch called Ally. This, free to read story, is the story of how DWW and Ally met and takes place just before DWW's story of Wolf Magic, and Ally's story of Dragon Familiar.
Tales of Young Asantra:
The Second Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion
(Currently in the writing process)
    Asantra might not be the easiest witch to understand, but after reading these tales of young Asantra you will understand her much better.
    Throughout the book you will learn about the days when Asantra actually liked being in the Mortal Realm and what changed her mind about it, the origin of Asantra's creatures, how Asantra met Screetche and how he became her familiar, when and how Asantra became a Mortal Realm witch, the beginning of Asantra's days as The Fire Pack's protector witch, and more.
    In these stories, told much like Mortal Realm Witch: The Adventures of DWW2, Asantra will become a superhero called Wonder Wolf, travel through many of the different Realms from the Other Realm and meet the creatures that live there, make some potions with various results, meet and live with a genie, and more. You will also learn more about Asantra's relationship with Trillman and why Asantra doesn't like him.
    Many characters met throughout the Mortal Realm Witch series will be in these stories including; DWW, Trillman, Max, Star, Taron, and more. Besides some Other Realm creatures and a genie, you will also meet other new characters including: the Mortal Realm superheroes Black Cat, Chihuahua, and the Star Power Puppy, among others. You will also get to meet some familiar characters from Mortal Realm Witch: The Adventures of DWW2, for the first time, as Asantra does. These characters include; Jill and her familiar Ranger, Asantra's dog, Asantra's creature, and Screetche.
    If you want to know more about Asantra, the adventures she had when she was younger, and trouble she got into leading up to the events in The Adventures of DWW2, this is the book for it.
    Tales of Young Asantra: The Second Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion fits best between Mortal Realm Witch: The Adventures of DWW2, and Book Five in the Mortal Realm Witch series.
Note: The characters of Black Cat, Chihuahua, The Star Power Puppy, and Wonder Wolf are all from a book in progress called Heroes United. Asantra's adventure with them actually takes place between the various stories in this book, so if you like that story check out Heroes United and Asantra's second adventure with the heroes in The Battle of Ebulon "Entry Point 12". (See The Battle of Ebulon at the end of this page for more details on this story.)
Mortal Realm Witch: (title not defined yet)
(Currently in the writing process)
    Just because it didn't last forever last time, doesn't mean it can't happen. The newest Head of the Witches Council's plan to unite the Other Realm with the Mortal Realm, has begun. Since witches are currently being viewed as heroes in the Mortal Realm, due to the action of many at the end of The Adventures of DWW2, the Head of the Witches Council believes the time is right for true unification to happen. Someone else, however, doesn't want the Realms to unite, and without meaning to Asantra will set off a chain of events that could keep this from ever happening. And when Asantra causes old enemies to all magic users to be reborn, will she be able to stop them before it is too late and all hope for unification is lost, leaving witches and mortals to be enemies again, and maybe enemies forever?
    Many familiar characters will return including; DWW, Trom, Trillman, Screetche, and more. Also in this book, to avoid punishment Asantra will move out of her house to live as a full wolf, and tensions will rise between Asantra and Trillman causing a fight to break out between them, leaving DWW no choice but to find a way to bring peace between the witch and familiar, but will this be possible? And while Asantra is gone, DWW, Trom, and the others will discover something new about her that explains much of Asantra's previous actions. What will they discover, and what will they do about it upon making this discovery?
    In this Fifth and final book in the main series of Mortal Realm Witch, big secrets will be revealed, questions will be answered, and the Realms will finally unite...or not. Find out what happens in the most action packed and exciting book of the series!
    Like Book Three: Realms Unite?, this book features one large story, but includes a Forward with a tale of how Trom discovered the secret that you learned about him in the Third Book of the series, while catching up with events from the past books in the series for new readers, as well as featuring a bonus story told by Sampson about his life before and throughout the Mortal Realm Witch series.
    In Sampson's Story you will learn the details behind his plans and other things he has been involved in throughout the series. You will learn exactly what he did and why he did it from Sampson's own point of view.
Tales of Other Realm Creatures: The Third Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion
(Currently in the writing process)
    In the Third Mortal Realm Witch Series Companion you will get the chance to read all new stories featuring different creatures from the Other Realm. Each story in this book features a different creature such as; dragons and unicorns, a griffin, a Lampshade Collie, a Rocket Hound, a Baird Dog and the Bairdesons, a Corno, a Flying Hypnotist, and more.
    Throughout the stories you will come across some familiar characters such as: Air Raid who will his witch Ally the tale of how dragons and unicorns went from being Mortal Realm creatures to Other Realm ones.
    Other stories include: the tale of a warlock that rescues a baby griffin, how one witch was able to get a flying hypnotist as a familiar, what happens when a regular mortal boy finds a Corno in his backyard in the Mortal Realm, as well as the story of a young sorceress learning how to use her powers which features the creatures known as Nonexistents, and more.


The Mortal Realm Witch Guide to Other Realm Creatures
(Currently in the writing process)
    The Guide to Other Realm Creatures features full color photos of every Other Realm creature met throughout the Mortal Realm Witch series, as well as some all new ones.
    Throughout the guide you will learn about each creature, where it lives, it's looks, habits, as well as interesting facts about them.
Note: Due to pricing this book is currently expected to be eBook exclusive.